Fox Nation Com Activate: A Complete Guide on Activating Fox Nation


2022-04-22 12:31:30

Although there are thousands of streaming services available globally, everyone has a favorite option, which they love subscribing to - for pretty different reasons. Some online streamers love Twitch because of live performances, a couple of others love Peacock TV because of free access, and for Fox Nation? It has millions of users too.

But, to stream Fox Nation on your smart TV, streaming device, or console, you need to activate the app on the Fox Nation Com Activate website. Until your Fox Nation is activated, you won’t be able to access streams from the service. Interestingly, this article explains all you need to know!

Fox Nation Streaming

Fox Nation is a streaming service owned by Fox News. It is actually a spin-off from Fox News, offering a wide variety of categories such as Military & Veteran news, Shows, Exclusive Interviews, and lots more. The service is a subscription video streaming platform with three available plans.

To get on Fox Nation, you'd be charged $0.99 for the first month (no free trial), and subsequently, you'd have to renew the plan at $5.99 monthly. However, there's an Annual (Patriot) plan that goes for $64.99, and it comes with a 7-day free trial. You can access and stream Fox Nation on a wide variety of devices, but activation is needed for some devices.

Note: Fox Nation is only available in the United States, if you live outside the US, you need a VPN.

Supported Devices

The Fox Nation app is officially supported on the following devices:

  • Xbox One
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Apple TV / Android TV
  • Roku
  • Mobile phones (iOS and Android)
  • FireTV
  • Laptops (via Web Browsers)

Fox Nation Com Activate | How to Activate Fox Nation on Your Device

Hereunder are the guides on how to install and activate the Fox Nation app on any of the supported devices aforementioned.

1. Xbox One

  • On your Xbox One Home screen, go to Store.
  • Get into the Apps section, lookout/search for FOX Nation, and select it
  • Highlight the Get button to download the app to your Xbox One
  • After installation, launch and sign in, on the activation page, copy out the activation code.
  • Visit using a web browser and enter the activation code

2. Samsung Smart TV

Note: FOX Nation is only available in 2017 and newer Smart TV models of Samsung.

  • Go to the Apps section of your TV and type FOX Nation in the Search field.
  • Select the FOX Nation app from the search results and Install it
  • Launch the app after installation and sign in using FOX Nation email and password.
  • Copy out the activation code.
  • Visit using a web browser and enter the activation code.

3. Apple TV / Android TV

  • On your Android TV / Apple TV Home screen, go to Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store.
  • Look out/search for FOX Nation and open it.
  • Select the Install button to download the app to your device
  • After installation, launch and sign in, on the activation page, copy out the activation code.
  • Visit using a web browser and enter the activation code

The Fox Nation Com Activate website can open on any browser - on mobile phones, tablets, iPads, PCs, and MacBooks.

4. Roku Devices

  • Press the Home button on your Roku remote and navigate to Streaming Channels
  • Search for the Fox Nation channels and install/download them to your device
  • Open the channel after installation and copy out the activation code.
  • Visit using a web browser and enter the activation code to activate your Roku device.

5. Fire TV

  • Press the Find button on your remote, or select the Find button on the FireTV home screen.
  • Type FOX Nation and select the app from the search results.
  • Highlight the Download button and install the app.
  • Sign in using your correct Fox Nation credential and copy out the activation code that would appear on your screen
  • Go to from your desktop or phone browser and enter the Activation Code.

The mobile app versions for Android and iOS devices do not require activation. Also, the web version does not require activation. Now, aside, would you love to download and save videos from streaming services to your PC? So you can watch them at any time without limitations and without internet connectivity?

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How To Download Movies and Shows From Streaming Services?

Vidus Downloader

Although many premium streaming services support "Offline Downloads," we all know the limitations that come with that feature. To completely download a movie or show from a streaming service to your local storage, you need a premium downloader program like the Vidus Downloader.

Features of Vidus Streaming Downloader

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Firstly, download and install the app on your computer system, then you can proceed with the steps below.

First Step:

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Second Step:

On the next window, sign in to your account on that service. Once you're signed in, look for the stream you want to download and play it. As the video plays, a download button would appear on the middle part of the playing window. Choose your preferred download options and click on the download button, then download the stream.

Third Step:

You can download multiple shows by repeating the two steps above. To view all ongoing downloads, click on the Downloading tab on the left pane. From the Downloading window, you can pause, resume, or cancel ongoing downloads.


In conclusion, the Fox Nation Com Activate website is where to enter the activation code from your device to stream Fox Nation content on the device. If you come across a streaming video you'd love to save, Vidus Downloader is there to help.

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