How Long Are NFL Games?


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The national football league is gradually becoming the favorite sport with millions of spectators worldwide. But have you ever wondered how long are NFL games? As you feel, the matches are very long. Whatever the duration is, it is fun to watch the series of games until we forget the time during busy days. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to spare time while knowing the schedule. But now, you do not need to worry about missing the game. Let's find the solution together.

What Are NFL Games?

The NFL is a major North American professional sport considered one of the four major leagues. It is a huge league that contains 32 teams .These teams are equally divided into two conferences including, the NFC and the AFC. However, every national football league season begins with a three-week preseason in August and is followed by a regular session of eighteen weeks.

This league takes place from September to the end of December. However, considering how long are NFL games, is it challenging to catch every game? Therefore, you are suggested to try Vidus Video Downloader that allows saving games for watching in free time.

How Long Are NFL Games?

Due to the long series of games, it is people's primary concern how long are NFL games. However, a football game does not stretch to 60 minutes. But, the game is divided into four sections of fifteen minutes, and each round is spaced 12 minutes apart. Overall, the game stretches to two to three hours depending on injuries and media downtime. However, the average time of a game is considered three hours.

How Many Quarters Are There In A Football Game?

NFL games, for instance, a football game consists of two halves of 30 minutes that are further broken down into four fifteen-minute’s quarters.

  • First-quarter: it consists of a 15 minutes long game, and the first half consists of 2 quarters. However, there will be a 3-minute stop after the first round.
  • Second-quarter: it begins after 13 minutes and thirty seconds break. It shows that the question of how long do the NFL games last directly depends not only on game time but also on the spaced time.
  • Third-quarter: the third round begins after a break in between. Then the game starts for the next 15 minutes and follows a 3-minute break afterward.
  • Final quarter: if the score remains equal in the third quarter, sudden overtime death occurs. It means that the game will reduce to 10 minutes from the original NFL time. The first team who scores within 10 minutes first will win the game.

How Long Does It TakeIn An NFL Quarter?

Four quarters are spaced with several minutes break. However, considering all spaced time and halftime breaks, the games take longer to give results.

What Makes NFL Games Take So Long?

The clock management of the NFL game is the real source of the answer to how long are NFL games. Whenever the change in the game of ownership happens, the management stops the clock allowing the sides to change personally.

Moreover, factors like controversial calls, three timeouts for each side, and penalties significantly increase the time to complete the game. However, it may make you miss the game entirely or some exciting parts. Therefore, you are in dire need of a Vidus Video Downloader. It permits you to download your favorite game from streaming sites with high-quality audio and video. So, there would be no possibility to miss any part of the game due to a busy schedule.

How Long Does A Football Game Last on TV?

The popularity of NFL games is increasing immensely, so the curiosities of people how long do NFL games last? The average professional game lasts around 3 hours and 12 minutes on the TV. However, the average game time is around 100 minutes, but it is increased two or three times with the addition of breaks and TV ads. The NFL games consist of 20 commercial breaks that contain more than 100 ads. Therefore time increases manifolds.


The National Football League is an American league with large audiences. Unlike traditional games, it takes a long time to throw the results on TV. The leading cause is review time and, majorly, advertising time. Hopefully, you have understood how long are NFL games last and what necessary measures you need to take with Vidus Video Downloader in order not to miss any chunk.


What is the time limit of overtime in the NFL?

The national football league's overtime consists of 10 minutes. However, previously it was 15 minutes long, but it was reduced to 10 minutes in the 2017 season. If both teams fail to score within 10 minutes, the game is declared a tie.

What is the longest football game of all time?

The longest game occurred in NCAA football on 23rd October 2021 between the Illinois Fighting Illini and Penn State Nittany Lions. The match took around seven hours and eight minutes to complete following around 83 minutes of gameplay.

How to watch NFL preseason games?

Many preseason games are nationally on the national networks, including NBC, ESPN, and CBS. Moreover, you can also watch live streaming with Sling TV, FUBO, HULU, and you can use VPN in order to access NFL Preseason games.

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