Why Stream Music from YouTube?

As YouTube hosts millions of music videos and lots of people like to find and listen to music for free on the YouTube app. You may also thought that if we can only listen to the sound because we don't want to watch the video. Bingo! Our mobile app - TubeBus is dedicatedly designed to stream music from YouTube. With this app, you can play any playlist or single music just like a professional music player.

What Can TubeBus Do

Besides streaming music from YouTuBe, TubeBus can also download music and video from 1000+ websites.

Download Video as Music

You can download any music or soundtrack from YouTube, Youtube Music or other websites.

Download Music Video

TubeBus also allows downloading high-quality video from 200+ sites including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc.

Play YouTube Music Online

As a professional music player, TubeBus can play YouTube video as pure music in the background, thus you can enjoy Youtube Music when your screen is off.

Awesome Highlights

As an online music player, TubeBus can also download music from YouTube and many other websites. It provides some advanced features, like high speed download and multi-thread download to save your time.

Save YouTube Video as MP3 Track

You can save and convert any YouTube music video to your smartphone with up to 320kbps high quality MP3 track.

Stream Music from YouTube Directly

TubeBus allows you to stream any music you like from YouTube directly, and you don't need to download them in advance.

5x Faster High Speed Download

TubeBus provides multi-thread and multi-task download feature to accelerate your download.

High Quality Content Download

Be different from other apps, TubeBus allows you to download the true 1080p video and the music up to 320kbps.

Background Playback

You can play the YouTube music video as music track in the background, so you don't have to waste data any more on the video.

Custom Playlist Download

You don't have to download the whole playlist if there are some music you don't like, just pick them out.

Download YouTube Playlist

With TubeBus, you can download a YouTube playlist easily. In addition, if there are some music tracks you've already own or don't want to download, you can edit the playlist and remove them.

Play YouTube Video as Music Without Download

With TubeBus, now you got a new way to enjoy music from YouTube. TubeBus can stream the pure music track from YouTube website, so you don't have to watch the video and waste your traffic data. Even the mobile phone screen is off or you switch to another app, TubeBus will still play the music in the background.

Hot Music Playlists Recommendation

Don't know what music to listen to? We selected some hot playlists from YouTube's official music channel, such as Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Country, Rock and New Music This Week, just tap Play All button, your music will begin.

Almighty Pocket YouTube Music Player and Manager

Thanks to TubeBus, without launching to your web browser, just download your favorite YouTube music videos and songs to your mobile device in seconds! Easily access and keep all your media files organized in one place is easy for all!

TubeBus Premium

Join TubeBus Premium to enjoy more advanced features. Save 50% Now.

Basic Premium
Features Free

$19.8 $9.9 Lifetime

Single Video / Music Download
Playlist Download 2 Playlists without limitation
5x Faster High Speed Download 10 files for trial
Multiple Tasks Download 10 files for trial
High Quality Content Download 10 files for trial
Background Download
Background Playback Current audio file
Play Online Video as Music

Loved by Users All Around the World

Stay with us, see what users said about us!

Beatrice Smith

Changing my way of finding and playing the music. With TubeBus, I can enjoy music anywhere with my mobile

David Adams

Create playlists and get music recommendations from TubeBus, who curate thousands of tracks so I can play them one after another and edit the meta info of the tracks for better organizing.

Kelly White

Listen to playlists packed with top songs and sounds by the hottest artists. So amazing to Play songs before downloading!

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Get the most out of TubeBus, the best app designed for enjoying YouTube Music! Discover free music, albums and playlists you love! Do not hesitate to download TubeBus, then your personal sound is always with you.

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