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2020-11-13 09:33:05

1. How to get started? 


1.1 Download and installation 


TubeBus MP3 Downloader is a fast YouTube video downloader for Android. With TubeBus app, you can choose from various sites to download the videos or audios, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more. To access more download features, follow the simple steps below to download and install the app. There may be warning at the first time you install the app. Please go to Settings > select Security > turn on unknown source.






Step 1: Download TubeBus app by visiting TubeBus on your Android smartphone.



Step 2: Locate the file and install the App on your device.



Step 3: Open the App and explore music of your choice.  

1.2 Common settings 


Change default settings to download and manage your video or audio files more efficiently on your Smartphone. After you open the app, hit crown-shaped Premium button in the bottom right corner of the homepage and then click Settings tab next to Go Premium at the top. Here you will be able to make changes in settings.




Login and logout



Click crown-shaped Premium button in the bottom right corner of the homepage and tap on Login button before you see the login page. TubeBus allows you to login with either Google or Facebook account. If you want to log out, you can go to Settings and click logout.   




Set destination folder



As you click Settings tab, you can set a download directory to save the music or videos you download to your storage. You can create a new folder and name it as you like.






Turbo-download mode



This premium feature is only available to premium users. If you are a premium member, turn on Turbo-download mode which allows you to download at 10x faster speed.



Download only on WiFi  



To save your internet data, you can turn on this button and the app will download music or videos only when WiFi is available.

2. Features of TubeBus 


2.1 Premium features 


As an online music player, TubeBus can download music from YouTube and many other websites. It provides powerful premium features, like high speed download and multi-thread download to save your time. Find more premium features below:



• Playlist unlimited download



• Turbo speed download



• Multitask download



• Download high quality music & HD videos



• Background play



• Background download



• Play online video as music






2.2 Free features 





TubeBus also serves as a free MP3 downloader with its free download services. This music downloader does not limit the number of files you want to save. So, even if you don’t want to go premium, you can also download as many videos as you want.



What’s great about TubeBus is that it allows free users to download 2 complete playlists for free, although they are limited to download the first 10 items of each playlist from the 3rd one. You can also use the app as a free music player and if you want to listen to music in the background, you can switch to the next song manually.



But being a free user, you are unable to enjoy fast download speed and the max speed will be limited at 100 KB/s. So, for high speed and more features, going premium is a better choice.


2.3 Premium members & Free users  


Premium members have access to more powerful download features than free users. They can enjoy faster download speed, bulk download service and more.






High speed download



When downloading the music or video, premium user can use 5 threads to download the item without speed limitation, but the free user can only use 1 thread and the max speed will be limited at 100 KB/s.






Multiple Tasks Download



Premium user can download 5 items at the same time, so even if there are dozens of items in the download list, it also only needs a few minutes. However, free user can only download 1 item and the speed is limited at 100KB/s.






High Quality Content



Before downloading, premium user can select the high quality, like 320kbps for music and 1080p for video. Free user can only download the default quality. Note: Whether a video has a quality of 720p or 1080p depends on the source website.






Download Playlist



Premium user can download any playlist without any limitation, even if there are



some songs you don't want to download in the playlist, you can remove them before downloading. Free users can only download 2 complete playlists, from the 3rd one, they are limited to download the first 10 items of each playlist.






Background Playback



Premium user can enjoy the non-stopped music even if they turn off the screen, TubeBus is a professional music player. Free user can only listen to the current song which they are listening in the background, once the song finished, they need to switch to the next manually.






Background Download



When downloading, premium user can switch to other apps or turn off the screen, the program will continue working in the background. For free users, the downloading will be paused when they leave the app.






1 on 1 Customer Service



As a premium user, if you have any questions when using the app, you can send the feedback in the app. We will give priority to your problem and will respond to you within 48 hours.






2.4 Become a premium member 


Becoming a premium member is very simple. Open the app and log in with your current Google or FB account. A Go premium page will automatically appear. Here you can tap on Go Premium button at the bottom of the screen and see the payment page immediately.



You can pay through credit card or PayPal. Just Select the payment method and make payment. Once you make payment, you will be a premium member in no time and you have access to all premium features for lifetime with one-time payment.

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