4 Best Ways to Download YouTube Videos [2020 Update]


2020-11-13 09:37:44

Download Video from YouTube


It seems unnecessary to download video from YouTube and other popular video-sharing sites when you always have a good internet condition. But when you’re traveling or on a flight, you’ll find it quite convenient. Watching videos offline means you won’t be bothered by the internet connection and condition. No matter how slow your internet speed is, you will just watch your videos smoothly. Just download videos from YouTube and enjoy the videos anytime.


Then let’s move to how to download YouTube videos on different devices. You can just pick the one you like and feel free to have a try. We’ll try to provide as many details as possible to help you make up your mind.


1. Online YouTube Downloader


Features of Online YouTube Downloader


Online YouTube Downloader is made to download YouTube videos online so that you don’t need to install any software, extension, or app. What you need to do is just pasting a video URL that you want to download in the targeted area of an online YouTube Downloader. Easy to use.



No need to install anything

Compatible with a wide range of platforms

Usually free of charge


Limited format and quality options

Don’t support premium features, like YouTube playlist download

Bothering ads sometimes

No stable sometimes


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How to use to download YouTube videos online?


Keepvid YouTube Downloader is available on almost all platforms and it works as an excellent YouTube Downloader chrome. This YouTube video downloader chrome is totally free of charge and no ads to bother your download. You can choose to download videos in MP3 and MP4, and various quality options are provided. It is quite stable and you can download as many videos as you like. No limit on


Step1: Copy a video URL (support YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and other 1000+ sites)


Step2: Paste the video URL and click the Download button


Step3: Choose resolution and format to download  


2. YouTube Downloader Software


Features of YouTube Downloader Software


YouTube Downloader software is more complicated than online products. You have to install them on your computer and license this device. In some cases, if you want to license more than one device, you have to pay more to get more licenses. But YouTube Downloader software is normally more stable and has some advanced features that some may think necessary, like YouTube playlist download, bulk download, multi-thread download, and more.



Download YouTube playlist

Download videos in bulk

Support multi-thread download

Download videos faster

More stable in analyzing and downloading videos


Limited to a specific system and device

Pay the extra fee to enjoy advanced features

Consume storage


How to download YouTube videos on mac?


Recommend Products: Vidus YouTube Downloader for Mac

YouTube Downloader for Mac is specially designed for mac users and enjoys some specific features, like automatically exporting the downloaded videos to your iTunes library. Support YouTube playlist download and bulk download. You can download an entire playlist very soon.


Step1: Open a website and the video you want to download through the built-in explorer or directly paste a video URL in the input field. You can also change the preferences first.


Step2: Click the download icon (on the left side of the video)


Step3: Choose a format and check the resolution you want to download in and click Download to begin


How to download YouTube videos on windows?


Recommend Products: Vidus YouTube Downloader

How to download YouTube videos on pc? With YouTube Downloader, you can download an entire YouTube playlist in one click and download videos in bulk easily. Enjoy 10x faster download. It also provides a feature to auto-download videos from your subscribed YouTube channels. It will save a lot of time and energy. You can download videos to MP3 and MP4 and choose from various quality options to get a more custom video.


Step1: Browse a website through the built-in explorer and open the video that you want to download or directly paste the video URL in the input field.


Step2: Click the download icon (on the left side of the video) and youll see a pop-up dialog box


Step3: Choose a format and check resolution then click Download to begin



3. YouTube Downloader APP


Features of YouTube Video Downloader for Android


You can only use YouTube Downloader android on android devices to download YouTube videos. But it’s more convenient to use than software products since you can use YouTube downloader for android anywhere as long as you carry your phone.



Usually support background playback

Support YouTube playlist download

Faster download than online products

Multi-thread download


Need to install app

Only available on specific system and device


How to download YouTube videos on android with Vidus TubeBus APP?


Vidus TubeBus APP is more affordable than its desktop counterparts. This YouTube downloader android only cost $9.90 for a lifetime license. It also supports background download and background music and video playback. Playlist download and high-quality content download are allowed here.  


Step1: Open TubeBus App and a video to play and click the download icon


Step2: Choose to download as music or video and resolution


Step3: Play your saved or online videos/audios



**You can click the download icon on the homepage to easily download the recommended playlist







Support Websites

Download Speed

Download Playlist

Bulk Download

Multi-thread Download


Choose Quality

Other Limits









Vidus YouTube Downloader for Mac



10x faster



Vidus YouTube Downloader



10x faster



Vidus TubeBus APP



5x faster




*The paid products all have a free trial. You can have a try and enjoy part of its advanced features.




We list many products for different platforms and we hope you can find the most suitable one based on your own demands. They all have their own pros and cons and you can have a try in advance to see if they’re useful.


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