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2020-12-23 07:25:35

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1. YouTube2mp3: A Good Way to Listen Music Offline
2. Top 5 Ways to Convert YouTube2MP3 Online
3. Vidusoft: Convert YouTube2MP3 on Desktop
4. What if Listen to YouTube Offline on Mobile?
5. FAQs regrading YouTube2MP3 Converter


I am absolutely sure that we have all been looking for solutions to convert a YouTube video to MP3, in order to listen to music offline. We heard about YouTube2mp3 and it works pretty well, but here we will present some amazing alternatives to YouTube2mp3 converter. There are several YouTube2mp3 converters online, offering both free and paid services. Each has its own distinct merits and advantages over the others. And let`s be honest.

Listen to YouTube is also annoying because of the ads.




Plus, storing videos of your favorite songs or audio books takes up a lot of space on your device. Audiobooks and podcasts have been trending very recently. You can hear these even while traveling or driving. In many cases, you only need the audio content.


So, that been said, in this article we will show you how to download music from YouTube for offline listening, using the best youtube2mp3 converters. We will focus on some online service  to convert YouTube2mp3 and on a desktop software, Vidus, that is the most powerful and useful alternative to these web services. All websites and dektop programs have the same structure that involves entering the URL of the Youtube video in the search bar for download.



1. YouTube2mp3: A Good Way to Listen Music Offline


How to listen to youtube with screen off? Well, nothing easier. The first online service you should try is Convert2MP3, which allows you to convert Youtube videos to MP3 in the highest possible quality.


To use this service, go to the converter website, insert the address of the video on YouTube that you want to convert into an audio file.




Then click the “Convert video to mp3” button and wait for the video to be converted.


convert2mp3net converting


After this, click “Download MP3” button to start downloading the .MP3 file.


convert2mp3net download


This webservice called YouTube2mp3 is very suitable and straightforward, dont you think? You can convert youtube2mp3 in a minute and save your favorite songs in your own playlist on your phone or PC. Also, there is no limit, so you can download as many songs you want through this YouTube2mp3 convertor app instead of not listen to YouTube directly. You can try some surrogates webservices, such as:






2. Top 5 Ways to Convert YouTube2MP3 Online


I will now try to show you how you can download any content you want from YouTube so that you can later listen to it on your mobile phone or PC.  It is likely that due to the instability of a data connection, YouTube will not work as you would like. And, no matter how much patience you have, it becomes annoying that moment when your favorite song is playing in headphones, and the Internet does not allow you to enjoy it to the fullest. We have some solution for that. Just use Youtube2mp3 downloader or other YouTubemp3 online converter alternative such as those five below.






Convert YouTube2mp3 through this website. It is free and besides the .MP3 output, you can opt for an .MP4 format if you like. Just insert the URL in the download bar and in an instant, your file will be converted. You can use this YouTube2mp3 on any system, including Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and so on. Note that the free version of this webservice includes the download video quality up to 1080p and audio quality up to 128kbps. Also, you need to download your songs once at a time.






If the or Flvto no longer works, or are temporarily offline, you can use a similar free service like this, a website that allows you to download MP3 files at 128 kbps from YouTube very quickly and easily. So go to this website page, paste  the address into the text box and click the Download button.






When you don’t want to listen to YouTube, you can opt for this YouTube2mp3 converter online. This is also entirely free and you can create a high quality MP3 files. The process is similar to the others. Copy and paste the url from YouTube and press the start button. In a few seconds, the audio file will download.






Another alternative youtube2mp3 app that is free, with no limit to your conversion.  You can convert a youtube2mp3 at a full speed of downloading .






It involves only three steps in order to convert a youtube2mp3. Paste the url in the input field, click the download button and choose the quality and the format.


3. Vidusoft: Convert YouTube2MP3 on Desktop



Vidusoft YouTube Downloader is the best YouTube2mp3 downloader with which we can download videos and music from YouTube. This is a tool that you will favor over others. Here are some reasons.


  • It is worth mentioning from the beginning, that unlike other YouTube2mp3 converters online, you can download an entire playlist from YouTube.

  •  Another strong point is that you can do a batch download.

  • Vidusoft desktop software gives you the certainty for conversions and at the same time saves your song at a good quality.

  • A major plus unlike online webservices: the multi-task download. You can download as many songs you want in the same time.

  • Unlike a usual YouTube2mp3 converter online, you don`t depend on it`s server. Vidusoft it is based only on your Internet Connection.

  • Compared with other YouTube2mp3 online services, with Vidusoft you can select the final quality of the MP3 up to 320 kbps.

  • How to listen to YouTube offline? Well, this is your answear. Download you favorite music and enjoy it without worring about a poor Internet Connection.

  • I know that you want to listen to YouTube most of the times, but this  YouTube2mp3 converter covers over 1000 websites: Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter and so on.


On the internet, you will find many applications that, in their description, promise to download songs from YouTube safe and sound. But many times these applications infect your Android or iOS phone with viruses, but you can surely trust this desktop YouTube2mp3 converter. Are safe, including the YouTube converters online mentioned above? Yes, but  the most reliable tool is a desktop one.


This YouTube downloader, Vidusoft, can be run on any Windows or Mac and this is the best solution when you want to convert an youtube2mp3. This software has a free and a premium version. Both are amazing, just check it for yourself. Indeed, Vidusoft is fast, stable and reliable.


4. What if Listen to YouTube Offline on Mobile?


youtube mobile


If you don’t know how to listen to YouTube with the screen off on your mobile, Vidusoft is a friend in need. The developers of Vidusoft have turned their attention to this aspect as well, with the same professionalism. TubeBus is dedicated to stream music from Youtube and you can also download music and video directly to your phone. How to listen to YouTube in the background is not an issue anymore with this amazing YouTube2mp3 app.




Listen to YouTube with the screen off is what we need ( we know very well how annoying is when your phone is in your jacket and accidentally you press a button and interrupt your audition) and this app delivers much more.


When you're out of ideas and you don't know what to listen to, TubeBus generates selections from the most trending songs from several genres: Pop, Hip- Hop, R&B, Country, Rock. Also, if you don’t want to listen to YouTube, you can listen to your downloaded songs on your device. TubeBus is a great manager and keeps all you media files organized.


If this tool caught your attention then I invite you to read a guide on how to use Vidus TubeBus. Just click the link. For now, this YouTube2mp3 convertor app is dedicated for Android users and we hope that it will be available even for Iphones.


5. FAQs regrading YouTube2MP3 Converter




How to use Vidusoft YouTube Downloader?


Convert YouTube2mp3 fast and easy. You can read the Vidusoft User Guide if you want more informations.


How to listen to youtube with screen off?


With Vidus TubeBus you can listen to YouTube without worring about keeping your sreen on. You can listen to music with the screen off and convert YouTube2mp3 very easily. Check the Vidus TubeBus APP User Guide to learn how to install and use this YouTube2mp3 app.


How to listen to youtube in the background?


Through Vidus TubeBus, you can use as many apps you want or you can surf the Internet, while listen to YouTube in the background.


How to listen to youtube offline?


For this you must use a desktop YouTube3mp3 convertor, in order to listen to YouTube offline. With Vidusoft you can listen to YouTube even if you don`t have a Internet connection. Same thing applies to Vidus TubeBus app.


Which is the safest and the best YouTube2mp3 converter?


All of youTube2mp3 presented in this article are safe. We recommend Vidusoft YouTube Convertor, a desktop software in order to convert YouTube2mp3. It can converts videos in 500 formats with the same quality, it can extracts audios from YouTube videos. Besides, you can trim, crop, rotate and many more with the built-in editor.

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